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I have been pretty lucky to receive several great awards and honors over the years but the J. A. Tiberti Pioneer Spirit Award received at the Associated General Contractors SIR Awards luncheon a couple weeks ago is extremely special.  My thanks to the Tiberti family, the AGC and In Business for sponsoring the SIR Awards.  My best wishes to all of the nominees and honorees recognized at this great event.  SIR represents Skill, Integrity and Responsibility - the code of standards for AGC members. 

Sitting beside J. A. Tiberti at the AGC conference table was a wonderful learning experience.  I don't think he ever realized how much he taught to so many within the business community throughout Southern Nevada and elsewhere.  I listened intently when he asked questions and voiced his opinion.  Although I didn't always agree with what he said or how he voted, I strongly respected his thought process, his passion, his values, his integrity and his responsibility.  I am thrilled to have my name and his name on the same award. 

J. A. represented a generation when a hand shake was stronger than a written contract, when the business relationship was stronger than the bottom line, when good workmanship out distanced codes and standards, when doing it right was the standard, when contractors didn't have to be experts in the law.  I wonder what it was like to build a project back then. 

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Will Paccione
Monday, November 9, 2009 3:26 PM
"When a hand shake was stronger than a written contract". Love it!

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