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Well, this is my first blog. Will, the best web guy I have ever met, tells me to type it as I want you to read it – use contractions, slang, etc. This isn’t how I have typed letters for years and as soon as I convince myself that this is not a letter, it is a conversation otherwise known as a ‘blog’, the sooner I will feel more comfortable and get much better at it.

I have always urged staff and associates to write letters and reports using only the facts and do their best not to show their emotions; no anger, no negative words, don’t be accusing. The facts ma’am – just the facts. I plan on giving you ‘the facts’ in all future blogs, round tables, conferences and coaching sessions.

And, if Will has his way, I will soften the words and content and present it like a conversation; not a legal written document. Please bear with me while I learn and I will do everything to make sure you learn along the way.

Speaking of legal written documents. What if you have to go on record by composing a letter to someone you do not agree with, it is critical to only include the facts – no emotions. Perhaps a vendor has sent you an invoice for more than you agreed to originally. “Your invoice referenced above in the amount of $100.00 is not in accordance with our agreement and I attach the proposal for your review. We would appreciate receiving your corrected invoice.” Short and sweet and to the point.

If I was writing a blog with the same issue, I think it would read something like this. “The mail came today including many bills needing to be paid. Yours was just one of them. But, your invoice was the only one I am not going to pay. I checked our agreement and was surprised to see if was for over twice as much. I am not going to pay it.” Maybe a little exaggerated. You now have ticked off the vendor and will probably get a nasty phone call or a collection notice.

Bottom line – just the facts ma’am, just the facts.

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